7 Pillars of Financial Health (Amazon Paperback)

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Money ranks as A LEADING source of RELATIONAL conflict and household stress in surveys worldwide, despite the abundance of information and technology to help us manage it.
What can we do about this?
Based on insights gleaned from coaching and consulting to hundreds of financial and investment advisers over a career spanning 25 years, Rob Macdonald outlines why we need to radically rethink how we approach money. He shows that our relationship with it begins even before we are born. Instead of money just being an objective measure of what we can buy, it goes to the core of our being. Macdonald argues that the solution to sustainable financial health is to develop seven key human skills – clarity, confidence, connection, curiosity, collaboration, communication and courage – and to exercise them in partnership with a trusted, professional adviser.
Apply the principles set out in The 7 Pillars of Financial Health to radically improve your relationship with money and thrive


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